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Name: Jason Fenner (WWW.)
Country: England Date: Wed Oct 25 17:29:47 2000
Comment: Keep up the good work Micky and the boys.Here's to playing Cr---a- P----- on boxing day next year.

Name: Gerry Tillson (WWW.)
Country: Australia Date: Tue Oct 24 03:12:51 2000
Comment: Good to see life once more in the old dog

Name: Paul Matthew (WWW.)
Country: Scotland Date: Fri Oct 20 23:27:49 2000
Comment: Excellent pics....can't wait for next installment!!

Name: Karl Wakeham (WWW.)
Country: England Date: Thu Oct 19 09:25:23 2000
Comment: I have been an albion seson ticket holder for a few years now, and i must say that the lads performance this 2000 season is beyond outstanding. And it makes me proud to be an albion fan

Name: matt wilkin (WWW.)
Country: australia Date: Tue Oct 17 03:51:23 2000
Comment: In Australia at the mo but it is fantastic to see the seagulls motoring up the league. I have watched the seagulls for 15 seasons now and the feeling that the club is on the verge of something great has never been so strong, C'mon on blues.

Name: Paul Matthew (WWW.)
Country: Scotland Date: Mon Oct 16 20:46:43 2000

Name: peter canning (WWW.)
Country: England Date: Sun Oct 15 22:37:28 2000

Name: andrew davey (WWW.)
Country: england Date: Tue Oct 3 21:44:50 2000
Comment: have supported the seagulls through thick and thin--beating div 1 tabletoppers burnley, loosing at home to walton and hersham, winning at anfield, saying farewell to the beloved goldstone. for 15 minutes on 30 th sept 2000, i witnessed the rebirth of a great club-- awesome football that will see us rise from the ashes and do a fulham. The faith is eternal.

Name: Skintagain in Alba (WWW.)
Country: Scotland Date: Sat Sep 23 21:18:15 2000
Comment: Super surprise seeing photos of the Goldstone as was; Stevie Foster; Doncaster players saluting the Albions fantastic fans. Special memories, and it's all flooding back. Pleased to be back in the fold and watching Albion more often than ever in the last 17 years since the cup final.

Name: lady bracknell (WWW.)
Country: Date: Sat Sep 23 13:22:38 2000
Comment: Absolutely first rate sir! The Bracknell party feature in some of Hereford archive pictures and viewing them has brought back the whole gamut of emotions.

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