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I started taking pictures of the Albion from the South Stand at the old Goldstone and eventually progressed onto taking official pictures from the side of the pitch at Gillingham

In the early days it was easy to get pitch side all I had to do was send a fax to the club concerned and that was it. Then the Football League decided to take advice from the sharks that exploited the fans in the Premier League and they tightened the rules on access meaning you either needed a licence, which largely excluded the amateur, or had to be sponsored by one of the clubs.

Thankfully the club decided to sponsor me to games taking me on as one of the official photographers. At this time there were not many wanting to do the job we were playing shit and in Gillingham. As we got better and returned to Brighton there were more people wanting to take pictures of the Albion and as I do not live in Brighton and with other commitments and life changes getting in the way I slipped into the background.

There was a 5 year gap where I was living in Birmingham and Norfolk so had little time for anything else but thankfully during that period we won nothing :)

I returned to taking pictures again pitch side at the final game at Withdean (I was at the first felt I had to be at the last) and again at the first game at the Amex.

I had already decided before we moved into the Amex I could not continue taking pictures pitch side, I did not have and would never be able to get a licence, besides I did not want to abide by the rules which would have stopped me putting the pictures online for free. I also could not afford to continue investing in the professional equipment required to take decent pitch side photos.

So I had to come up with a new way if I was to continue, having already decided to buy a season ticket with family members I thought why not take pictures from the stand again, back where I started, a fan with a camera.

Feel free to share the photos load them up to Facebook for tagging etc all I ask is you acknowledge where they came from and where possible link back here.

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