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Name: Brent Cook (WWW.)
Country: Australia Date: Wed Apr 11 11:31:16 2001
Comment: Finally things are starting to look up for the Seagulls. Promotion to division two will hopefully be the start a new, exciting era. Keep up the work Mickey and boys.

Name: Derek Kennard (WWW.)
Country: England Date: Mon Apr 9 11:46:38 2001
Comment: Good to keep in contact, especially during this wondrous season. Good luck for the rise to all at the Albion.

From a Goldstone boy of the 60's and 70's

P.S. where can I get a screensaver of The Seagull?

Name: piemonster (WWW.)
Country: uk Date: Sat Apr 7 13:23:18 2001
Comment: top site, as i have to work overseas a lot and cant always get to the albion the live link and photos are a god send. thanks


Name: Keith Wetherill (WWW.)
Country: Finland Date: Sun Apr 1 21:24:58 2001
Comment: I live in Helsinki,I have 3 season tickets and try to get to UK for at least 1 match a month..
Now I have discovered this site I look forward to hearing live commentary in future..Any fans out there live further away and still get to the games?

Name: Dan (WWW.)
Country: UK Date: Thu Mar 29 11:32:55 2001
Comment: Am at work and have no sound card, have in laptop at home though and am excited about trying for commentary this weekend V Mansfield.
Will also send this address to Seagull in New York

Great idea, nice one. Up The Stripes

Name: Davey Boy Moran (WWW.)
Country: Geordieland Date: Tue Mar 27 16:44:26 2001
Comment: Goodluck Albion fans

Name: skunker (WWW.)
Country: Date: Fri Mar 23 19:18:30 2001
Comment: bit more attention and this will be a quailty site

Name: Ricey (WWW.)
Country: ENGLAND Date: Thu Mar 22 19:46:44 2001
Comment: This is a great site about a great club i am a southender we played u both times and beat u but still u had to b one of the best teams to play at southend well good luck for the rest of the season and see u in division 2 maybe this year or the next RICEY
p.s come and check out my site and sign my guest book CHEERS

Name: Paul Hasley (WWW.)
Country: UK Date: Sun Mar 18 20:58:05 2001
Comment: Were Goin Up!!!

Name: Ralph Harrison (WWW.)
Country: UK Date: Sun Mar 18 09:59:23 2001
Comment: Great website - many thanks!

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