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Name: Sue Foster (WWW.)
Country: Worthing Sussex Date: Tue Apr 24 20:33:54 2001
Comment: Tim,
Great photos of Darlington game. I was unfortunately on holiday in America but your photos show what a great day it was Thanks

Name: Ian Brown (WWW.)
Country: Australia Date: Mon Apr 23 17:48:15 2001
Comment: First of all well done lads championship here we come.
Secondly could you please tell me what happened to Ian Chapman i am an old friend and played football at school with him but when i moved to Perth australia with my Mum, Dad and brother 16 years ago lost touch with him.I am married with my own 6 year old son now and would be interested to know what he is doing 16 years on.
Always a seagull fan
Ian Brown.

Name: Paul Seccombe (WWW.)
Country: New Zealand Date: Mon Apr 23 04:34:09 2001
Comment: Hi everyone in Sussex. Well done Seagulls on promotion. I come from Brighton and miss the place very much. Now living in Wellington, NZ. Get in touch if you remember me. Roll on next season, Div 1 here we come!!

Name: Andrew bingham (WWW.)
Country: Date: Sat Apr 21 21:53:31 2001
Comment: Well done lads, if the Jerks up here hadnt buggered itup for us it would have been an even better day out next tuesday see you next week --- and next season I hope

Name: Anthony Smith (WWW.)
Country: New Zealand Date: Thu Apr 19 11:20:03 2001
Comment: Congratulations to the present personnel and all

Country: AMERICA Date: Wed Apr 18 06:23:14 2001
Comment: Thanks for making me feel a little less home sick and a little more involved.

Name: SIB (WWW.)
Country: Brumland Date: Wed Apr 18 00:30:17 2001
Comment: Where are the Plymouth photo's?

Name: Paul McDonnell (WWW.)
Country: Oz (ex-Sussex) Date: Tue Apr 17 04:49:35 2001
Comment: Fantastic to see the club go up. I was at Hereford and will never forget it. Congrats to everyone who's worked so hard to turn things around. Be assured a glass or three was raised in Sydney this weekend in your honour !!

Name: Monkey (WWW.)
Country: Date: Mon Apr 16 23:22:33 2001
Comment: We don't even need Cheaterfield to get the 9 points deservedly deducted - 2 behind with a game in hand on the cunts with our current form? Sorted! My prediction: Division 1 within 4 years... Nice one boys!

Name: Rotherfield Seagull (WWW.)
Country: England Date: Mon Apr 16 22:55:23 2001
Comment: Today was promotion partytime at the Withdean - but the champagne's on ice until the 1st of May when we take the Championship against Cheaterfield!!
Keep up the excellent photography!

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