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For the first time in it's existence this site has been designed, what this means is no more just shoving all new pictures in a folder relating to that season. The design is hopefully going to help those using the site to find what they want.

In adition to being indexed by season, the pictures and pages containing the links to them are now contained in folders relating to the teams rather than the season which will mean if you are trying to find Brighton vs a certain team this should be easier to find.

If you are looking in this site by team then you should be able to find them several ways. firstly using the open link on your browser (or the address bar) type in (everything in this site is stored in lower case letters so Bristol becomes bristol etc.) this should then be followed by the name of the team you are looking for, unless there are more than one team sharing the town name, like bristol (city & rovers) you should only enter the first word, so chester city you would just enter chester. If there are more than 1 team sharing a town name like Bristol then you should enter the town name + the first letter of the second word so bristol city would become bristolc & bristol rovers would become bristolr etc. If the team is not known by a town name like leyton orient you should only look by the distinctive name in this example that is orient. so if looking for say swansea city the url will then look like followed by the date of the game you are looking for. ( The date should be entered in full using numerals separated by an underlined space so 1st January 2000 would become, 01_01_2000 ) If you do not know the date or you are looking for any photo's of that club then do not enter the date. Just click enter and you will be taken to an index page with links to all the pictures of that team on this site. If you do not get an index page but an error page then please check the details you entered, if all these are correct then it is likely I do not have pictures from that team or that match if looking by specific date on this site.

Are The Pictures for sale?

Yes, they are now available to buy for individuals as well as for those producing publications, they also remain free for use in any legitimate non commercial website.

I have recently done a sell through deal with Fotango Ltd who will handle the online individual picture purchases, as well as pictures on some other products like coasters, mugs, T-Shirts, etc. All billing is done by fotango and the supply of goods or not should be taken up with them as I will be unable to help you.

If you click where you see this image

it will take you automatically when clicked to the Fotango site where you will find full instructions.

If you are looking for pictures for publication please contact me. As well as the pictures on this site I have an archive of over 5000 negatives of The Album dating back beyond 1997 (but not much beyond 1997). Rates for commercial publication in flat and digital media are available on request and depend on numbers of pictures used and on the intended use of these pictures.

If you operate a non commercial fans site and would like to use pictures from this site please contact me and let me know what pictures you would like to use how you would like to use them and I will let you know what conditions you would need to follow for free use of the pictures.

This site is not operated for profit, when you consider I have just bought 2, 500 pounds worth of digital equipment this will be obvious. I make no money from this site and the photo sales deal will add to my costs not reduce them.

My main Job is that of a carer for my step son who has multiple disabilities and my main source of income is state benefits. If you like this site then please make donation to charity, preferably a carers one. Don't know a carers charity? Birmingham Carers Site or the Brighton carers centre is based on the ground floor of the same office building as the Albion used to be in on Queens Road.

And please remember that the person who operates this site is an uneducated dyslexic twit so if the spelling, and grammar are substandard, TOUGH!

CONTACT ME 07742864571

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